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Horsemen of the Apocalypse by hcontrary Horsemen of the Apocalypse by hcontrary
The Horsemen of the Apocalypse from "Insectum". They are based off of moths but unfortunately lack their 'wings' in this picture. The 'wings' are capes since they don't actually fly in the story.

This picture is back in their glory days when they were still a group before War screwed them over to take matters in his own hands. In those days, when they weren't doing their usual work of causing chaos and havoc in the world, the horsemen can be found in the underworld.

Salazar Pestilence comes from a long line of scientists, and has taken on the road to pursuing his ancestors after much convincing from his friends. Before he took on the role of horsemen after his father, he spent half of his young life being an archaeologist. He teaches sciences at the local university underground called Frankenshtein Academy, and is considered one of the clumsiest teachers by the students there. He's not much of a talker outside his group of friends, but feeling the need to help his students at a lot of things, he's been slowly coming out of his shell.

Before he decided to up and go solo, Hessian Warwick trained soldiers of the undead military back in the underworld. One would think that he could control the tides of the war, but not exactly, and definitely not in the underworld. He's powerless there since most of the people are dead - the population is pretty much considered dead and wars break out in the underworld, just as much as it does in the real world.

But when War did make the decision to leave his friends, it was because of an old advice that was given to him from his father.
If no one else can do it, then might as well take matters into your own hands.

Warwick took his father's advice way too seriously.

Oh, and just so you know. If you feel like Warwick is yelling at you, or being loud, or being a soldier in general. It's because he's deaf on one side, having lost an antennae in one of his battles. That, or he's just really being a soldier.

No one knows a lot about Thanatos Grimm except that he's a very busy insect (who wouldn't be with people dying everyday). He's one of the horsemen who is least likely to be around the manor when children come for a tour, which is why Famish rarely leaves the house without others being there. When Grimm is at home, he likes to spend his time organizing the souls he's collected to be sent to their departing stations of Heaven or Hell, or he likes to sit down and quietly read some books. Did I mention that he's completely blind?

Gorta Mór Famish is always hungry, which is why the fridge in the manor is bigger than it should be and it is always stocked up with various food and deserts, all for Famish. The fact that he eats so much has made the other horsemen decide to get him a separate fridge. But Famish is not only good at eating. He owns a restaurant that is, ironically enough, called Famish and he visits it whenever he has free time, and is the head chef there.

Note: Famish is standing on a stool.

Their horses,
Death, Pale Horse/Green: Mortis
War, Red Horse: Strife
Pestilence, White Horse: Scourge
Famine, Black Horse: Gorge
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October 29, 2012
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